Hello friend. 

Do you crave sustainable relationships that uplift you and those you love? Has polyamory inspired you or maybe let you down? Have you wondered whether there are deeper, more playful ways to love and share intimacy with more than one person at a time?

I've been in your shoes. I'm a social worker, creative revolutionary, lover, and expert facilitator, and I've been polyamorous for 7 years. If you’re like me, then:

You care deeply about the relationships you choose to engage in, finding ones that feel good and honor the agency of those within them. 

I know now that wherever you are in your adventure with ethical polyamory, there is always more to explore, places to go further, and those whose insights and experiences will fire you up to create the polyamorous relationships of your dreams!

Now's the time to dive in and find the courage to live a life of UNLIMITED LOVE.

I gathered a fantastically diverse group of poly authors and educators, counselors and coaches, activists and thought leaders who chatted with me about all things poly as part of the first ever, one of a kind Practices and Principles of Ethical Polyamory Conference! 

This virtual adventure is now available for you to experience at your own pace, in your own home, with those you love in your own unique way.

You'll discover treasures like:

Communication and conflict: staying present and speaking with empathy when things get intense
Relationship anarchy, hierarchy, ambiamorous? What’s your poly lovestyle?
Living in gratitude and pleasure! Not scarcity or shame
Are you really just "cheating"? Do you not understand “true love”? Common misconceptions and how to talk about them.
How old wounds and our first relationships (with our parents!) impact our love lives in the present - and what to do about it! 

Are you ready to join passionate, ethical visionaries like Ruby Johnson, Jessica Fern, and Ms. Nookie in finding clarity and JOY on this journey together? 

Find Your JOY.

Digging Deeper: What Could Your Polyam Relationship Be?

What if you could feel confident in the ways you go about loving more than one person at a time?

I’m certain you’ve already done your homework - read a few poly blogs, listened to a podcast or six, or devoured books like The Ethical Slut. Polysecure probably sits on your shelf waiting!

You have the curiosity, the motivation, and the integrity to do right by yourself and those you care about. 

And you’re simultaneously dazzled by the terminology, as well as maybe a little concerned about all “the drama.”

Most of the content out there gives enough of an idea to get started, and yet maybe feels like it doesn’t go deep enough, or perhaps outside “the norm” enough to really satisfy you. Perhaps you’re looking for new ideas and new role models.

The truth is, polyamory can be as normative or as liberating as you want! You just need new ideas and practices to light up the possibilities.

Get permanent access now!

I created The Practices and Principles of Ethical Polyamory: How to Find the Courage to Live a Life of Unlimited Love because I know how much our community needs big ideas, conversations with depth and subtlety, and a relentless focus on ethics.

This one of a kind content brings together 20 different speakers from across the coaching, therapy, and academic fields. 

You’ll hear from the wisdom and passion of these special presenters:

Jessica Fern: listen to two trauma therapists talk about relationships, attachment and trauma!
Ruby Johnson: join in as we critique attachment theory and explore the history of polyamory
Kitty Chambliss: shares the best of her wisdom from years of hosting her podcast, Loving Without Boundaries!
Ms Nookie: drops real truth from her unique vantage point 

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti: uses her life experience to illuminate harm and liberation
Reid Mihalko discusses two of his most useful tools for connecting with compatible people

After being exposed to thoughts from across the diversity of our community, you’ll be inspired to de-construct your monogamy paradigm and find liberation through the unlimited potential of this lovestyle. You’ll understand the life-giving practices that will sustain you. And you’ll feel confident that you can handle those uncomfortable conversations with intention and ease.

You’ll be inspired AND equipped - if you reserve your copy now.

I’m excited to share all these incredible, passionate, ethical visionaries with you, and help you get to the heart of deeply rewarding polyamory. By practicing this lovestyle with clarity and integrity, our own joy increases.

Invest in your own freedom and relationship joy

I believe in the quality of this content. And I’m going to be frank with you.

This content is lit, and the speakers are qualified. If this content was available at a professional conference vendor’s table, it would cost hundreds of dollars. Of our 21 speakers, there are four PhDs, four recognized experts, four certified coaches, and NINE masters level, licensed therapists. In addition to the credentials, many of us also have the lived experience to back it up.

The whole experience was curated and hosted by a therapist, a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 15 years of experience and practicing polyamory myself for several years. I earned my MSW at the University of Michigan, which centered privilege, oppression, diversity and social justice. 

And in the ongoing years, I remain dedicated to understanding the collective shadow that limits human experience, grounding myself in the perspectives of less privileged thought leaders on topics like abuse and racism. 

Because on the other side of the shadow is light, freedom, and abundant love!

This inspiration-filled content is perfect for this moment.

Heart-felt wisdom crafted with intention and love, showcasing the concerns, wisdom and magic of leaders in the field.

Capture the magic for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are some other reasons I know this content rocks:

In our feedback surveys in June, all respondents were very or highly likely to recommend the conference to a friend or loved one.

We created a thriving Facebook group based on this content’s practices, called Ethical Polyamory Adventures. We’re at over 1500 members and remain a loving and liberating space to explore deep and tough ideas about this relationship style. Join us!

Does this sound like you?

Are you a heart-centered adventurer seeking deep, liberating inspiration for yourself and others?

Yes? Then choose your adventure:

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Lifetime streaming access to the video content is yours!

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Transcripts for every speaker

Audio files for every speaker

Reflection e-Book (40 pages of additional inspiration)

BONUS Journal format for your introspective bliss

BONUS Video: Kitty Chambliss & Kathy

BONUS Video: Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti & Kathy

BONUS Video: Nookie & Kathy

Collector's Edition PLUS

Lifetime streaming access to the videos (with closed captions!)

Transcripts for every speaker

Audio files for every speaker

Reflection e-Book (40 pages of additional inspiration)

BONUS Journal format for your introspective bliss

BONUS Video: Kitty Chambliss & Kathy

BONUS Video: Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti & Kathy

BONUS Video: Nookie & Kathy

PLUS a personal, 45-min Discovery Call with Kathy to explore your vision for your ethical polyamory adventure!